What we look for in a handle is not a dress-up part.
We want a handle that clearly communicates signals from the water to the angler and does not give the angler the initiative even after the target is hooked.
A handle designed just for that moment may look rugged to an angler who doesn't feel the need for it.
We designed it only for anglers who dream of that moment with an unbreakable heart and pursue that one fish that makes you tremble from the bottom of your heart. Now.
The torque and power you need and the conditions you need are all in this handle.


Reel Compatibility Chart

You can check the compatibility of each handle with the following file.

← You can check the compatibility of each handle with the following file. →

Handle handling and precautions

  • When installing the nut, insert it straight and tighten it. When installing the nut, please insert it straight and tighten it.
  • We cannot guarantee any damage or malfunction of reels or handles due to improper installation of nuts.
  • Reels such as Calcutta Conquest 300 and 400 have a long gear shaft, which may rattle when the handle is installed. In this case, please add one or two washers between the handle and nut, and confirm that the nut turns at least three times before installing.

About repair requests

  • If there are any repairs or problems, please bring the product to the "store of purchase" or "our product dealer".
  • Repair time is approximately 1 to 2 months. The period may vary depending on the repaired part.
  • If you need an estimate of the repair cost, please let us know when you request the repair.
  • For products discontinued more than 5 years ago, there are models that cannot be produced or repaired due to discontinuation of parts or materials. In such cases, we may refuse to repair the product.
  • The customer will be responsible for shipping costs associated with the repair.。